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Four new outstanding symphonic prog tracks from Tony Lowe’s ESP Project

“Each release from ESP just gets better & better, they set the bar high and then scale it with ease.”
Garry Foster –  Prog Rock Files – 

Tony Lowe’s ESP Project is back with four great new tracks. Titled ‘three‘, the new EP contains over 30 min of progressive rock and is out on 19th January. ‘three’ has all the hallmarks of the first two ESP releases, with Tony’s symphonic compositions and arrangements weaving in and out of evocative and passionate vocal sections, delivered with both sensitivity and power in all the right places by Damien Child, an accomplished actor and singer with many years experience in TV, Radio and West End Theatre.

Dae and ToneWith Greg Pringle on Drums and Pete Clark on Bass this is a formidable combo of accomplished musicians playing with heart and soul. ThreadePete Clarkd through by Tony’s unmistakeable guitar and keyboard playing, a must for anyone who liked the previous two albums, which together were given over twenty-six, 4 – 4.5 star reviews by the music press and voted into the top 10 Progressive Rock – albums of the year as well as in top 20 albums of 2018.

Tony and Damien are working on a new album for an autumn 2019 release; in the meantime, as an introduction, ‘three’ is available on Bandcamp as a CD and digital download from 19th Jan, and then the usual digital outlets, see the MP3s and CDs page or the sidebar for links.

Comments from Radio Presenters and Media

‘three’ – 4.5 /Greg Pringle 5 rating. If you enjoy great vocals, melodies, lyrics, compositions & talented musicians, then ESP Project is definitely for you. Check them out ! We haven’t heard the last of ESP Denis Champagne (Prog Core Live) (Montréal)

ESP is an evolving musical project, involving Tony Lowe and a series of collaborators. The latest three EP, also featuring Damien Child, is really excellent, ESP’s best so far. Really looking forward to the next album.”Paul Grunill – The Last Outpost, Harborough FM

“…Lowe’s guitar poses elegant notes. In addition, the singer Damien child has the timbre of voice that perfectly suits the composed music…much as this disc is of a beautiful fluidity. If you like melodic rock and progressive rock this disc is made for you.” 8.5/10 Eric Berger – Progtime Music

ESP – ‘three’ – Background

In 2019, Tony is joined by vocalist/lyricist Damien Child and another dimension is reached with soaring melodies alongside heartfelt passionate vocals over a weave of strong rhythmic drums, percussion and bass, often reaching new heights in this combination of symphonic prog rock and classical music that is stirring, uplifting and joyful in places, but equally strange and dark in others.Dae

Damien Child began working in the entertainment industry at the age of 10 as an actor and singer. Work included lead roles on TV, radio and West End shows in a career that spanned 16 years.

When he isn’t immersed in music you can find him lurking around the horror section of the nearest bookshop.