Tony Lowe’s ESP Project began in 2015 when he asked some of his favourite prog and rock musicians to guest on a new album. The orchestral aspects alongside the prog rock influences were ideal for other musicians to play cameo roles and show their unique styles within the fabric of the piece. ‘Invisible Din’ was born featuring the talents of:

Mark Brzezicki, David Cross, David Jackson, John Young, Steve Gee, Phil Spalding, Alison Fleming, Yumi Hara, John Beagley, Pat Orchard

ESP 2.0. Released in 2018 – ’22 Layers of Sunlight’ was a collaboration between Tony Lowe and the talented Peter Coyle (ex Lotus Eaters). Peter’s unique lyrics and vocal style created quite a different aspect. The combination of the two writers created something very strong and different with a new and unheard synthesis of music, words and production.

Both of the above albums have numerous 4* plus reviews in Music Magazines and Prog Blogs.

ESP Three (In Production)

Tony is joined by vocalist/lyricist Damien Child and another dimension is reached with soaring melodies alongside heartfelt passionate vocals over a weave of strong rhythmic drums, percussion and bass, often reaching new heights in this combination of symphonic prog rock and classical music that is stirring, uplifting and joyful in places, but equally strange and dark in others. Mini album release 19/01/19Damien Child

Damien Child began working in the entertainment industry at the age of 10 as an actor and singer. Work included lead roles on TV, radio and West End shows in a career that spanned 16 years. He’s played a G.I. In Miss Saigon and performed at numerous concerts.

Along the way he found time to own a record shop in Manchester, produce theatre shows in London and be a PA to the manager of SCOOCH!

When he isn’t immersed in music you can find him lurking around the horror section of the nearest bookshop.