New Album: ‘reverie’ : release 19-05-23

reverie – A Prog Symphony in Seven Movements, is the 8th ESP Project album since 2016. Written and performed by multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Tony Lowe and just under 60 minutes; the music captures mysterious atmospheres where orchestral waves sweep across changing moods and tempos accompanied by Tony’s scintillating and melodic guitar lines, taking the listener into sublime landscapes and scenarios. From stirring symphonic themes, to prog rock and fusion, reverie invokes an overall feeling of hope for the future. REVIEWS 


“… a tremendous listen” – Garry Foster – Prog Rock Files – WCR FM –

“Getting my first listen to “reverie”, the forthcoming album from ESP due for release from Sunn Creative on 19th May. Beautifully nuanced and alive with exquisite textures, Tony Lowe creates a striking and absorbing set of symphonic landscapes across seven tracks or movements. It’s a riveting journey which never fails to engross and absorb with abundant richness and engaging atmospheres. The stunning artwork yet is also courtesy of Tony and completes a package which brings a definite sense of peace and hope. Magnificent.” – Rob Fisher – The Progressive Aspect

“REVERIE is the latest album from ESP Project. I couldn’t wait for the CD to arrive so I listened to the download, and was not disappointed. Tony Lowe is the sole musician here though the wide palette he’s employed gives the impression of a full, tightly-knit ensemble. It’s really uplifting stuff and somehow it feels like a step forward, as though Lowe has embraced the possibilities of a huge, blank canvas. As always, his playing is exquisite and his production is superb. Unfortunately I’m unable to appreciate the care that goes into the physical package until the CD lands on my doormat.” Gareth’s Prog Blog

“Glorious new music from the genius of Tony Lowe. A seven-song mini symphony that delights the senses and moves the soul. Exquisite sounds that expand and explore every movement and note creating a cornucopia of wonderful sensations and feeling! The music flows with energy, vitality, and distinction, creating a colorful, cosmic atmosphere, full of anticipation and wonder. There is an emotional release almost like a prayer being offered in the hopes of a better future. A positive uplifting album, this is original music of healing, love, and comfort for a wounded and hurting world. Sensual and strong, touching and forging, ‘reverie’ is a masterpiece of progressive music.” – Rick Peuser

Outstanding album!! Airplay this week on The Prog Bus – Progzilla Radio

“Another very impressive album from ESP Project” – Shaun Geraghty

“For the eighth album of ESP Project(*), Tony Lowe leaves the field of melodic prog for a large-scale orchestral work, of impressionist essence (as opposed to descriptive music), where the writing is not linear but made of a succession of shimmering and sophisticated sound impressions. If the voice is very little present here, it is often to better to let the guitar sing in very beautiful melodic lines. Here is once again a captivating album filled with refined feel good music!” Prog Critique


The ESP Project has a history of top reviewed releases, contributing lyricists, vocalists & musicians; the last seven releases receiving a combination of over 60 4-4.5 star reviews from the Music Press and numerous top 10 album of the year awards. All albums are produced by Tony Lowe and released on the Sunn Creative label.

Past albums include: Invisible Din (FEATURING: Tony Lowe, Mark Brzezicki, David Cross, David Jackson, Alison Fleming, Steve Gee, Phil Spalding, John Young, John Beagley, Pat Orchard and Yumi Hara); 22 Layers of Sunlight (FEATURING: Tony Lowe, Peter Coyle, Mark Brzezicki, Pete Clark, Richard Smith); three, The Rising, phenomena (FEATURING: Tony Lowe, Damien Child, Pete Clark, Greg Pringle); anarchic curves (FEATURING: Tony Lowe, Peter Coyle, Pete Clark, Dave Etheridge, Cheryl Stringall); innerlife (FEATURING: Tony Lowe, Alison Fleming).


released May 19, 2023Tony Lowe – All instruments, lyrics, vocals, photos, art. Produced by Tony Lowe, Mastered by Gareth Redfarn, CD Design/Graphics by Cheryl Stringall

New Album : ‘innerlife’ release 29-09-22

From colour, through words and music, to the innerlife  innerlife

The first project written and conceived by Tony Lowe for the ESP Project was a multi sensory, multi media concept influenced by the colour spectrum, including visuals, music and lyrics and the use of corresponding scents. All in all, creating a complete sensory experience in three areas, with a 13 song soundtrack by Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming.

Imagine a place where a world of music, colour and scent combine, surrounding and engaging you, the audience, in a glorious tri-sensory experience. Each composition is influenced by the colours in the visible spectrum corresponding with a mood experienced when listening to the songs as they flow through different musical styles; including rock, pop, acoustic and orchestral. Most people are aware of the influence of colour on our moods and emotions, the subjective power of a particular image, and the manner in which music can move us deeply. Combining these with a sense of smell produces a powerful sensory experience. An experience of this unique event will positively change perception of our world.

A sold out live show of the album was performed once for the Action Aid Charity by Tony and Alison with a full band including Vari-Lites for the colour changes, in London in 2008. There was a limited edition CD at the time and we now have the ability to create the right kind of visual presentation, so we’re re-issuing an updated version of the soundtrack.

Full length videos to go with the songs and music will be available on YouTube in 2023.

New Album : ‘anarchic curves’ release 29-04-22

anarchic curves

The ESP Project release their sixth studio album, anarchic curves 29th April 2022 on the Sunn Creative label. Featuring the compositions of Tony Lowe, the poetic lyrics and vocals of Peter Coyle – this album is a mesmerising addition to a highly reviewed body of work.

Tony and Peter take us yet again into a conceptual and imaginative world full of beauty and passion with songs that move from melodic and symphonic to intense rock, creating an unforgettable offering to the ESP Project catalogue.

Since 2016, the five ESP Project albums have garnered a combination of over 50 4-4.5/5 star reviews from the Music Press. The album and live shows feature Tony Lowe on guitar, Peter Coyle on vocals, Pete Clark on bass, Cheryl Stringall on keyboards (live), and Dave Etheridge on drums.

    • Peter Coyle by David SansoniPeter Coyle –  Peter Coyle is a singer songwriter, performer, producer and visual artist. HeTony Lowe has worked with Martyn Ware and Guy Chambers as well as many others. He is not interested in artifice only in the poetry of emotional intensity and moving forward so he can create something beautiful and real. This collaboration with Tony Lowe for ESP is a wonderful example of someone who wants to create new meanings, new atmospheres, new narratives and new ways of seeing.
    • Tony Lowe – Guitars with Simon Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Modern English, Julian Lennon and many more. Producer to ‘David Cross & Peter Banks’ – ‘David Cross & Robert Fripp’, John Foxx, Toyah, Bram Stoker, Simon Townshend and more. In 2019 he produced Pete Banks tribute album‘Crossover’ featuring David Cross and members of King Crimson and Yes.
    • Cheryl Stringall  aka String – Keyboards – hails from a musical family and started playing and singing at age Cheryl Stringalltwelve. In her teensshe took up guitar and percussion continuing until revisiting the keyboards during lockdown. Cheryl is the owner of the Sunn Creative label and the graphic artist, designer and photographer for many of the albums released under the label. She has spent most of her life working in the musical spheres. Picture courtesy Jim McGrath
    • Pete Clark – Bass – has played in many original bands since the early 1980’s. His taste in music is eclectic but a constant favouritehas always been progressive rock. This interest has led to his current involvementwith tribute bands “What The Floyd” and “Progfathers”. He has been a professionalmusician since 1989 and has performed with numerous cover/function bands including T-BASS where he met his singer/songwriter wife, Fran.Together they set up their own label and have produced and released two solo albums for Fran, “To Fly” (2007) and “Beautiful People” (2013).
    • Dave Etheridge
    • Pete ClarkDave Etheridge – Drums – began playing drums back in 1978 and has since played on many artists albums, in cover bands and was also bassist and co-lead vocalist with “Think Floyd” in 1997. With decades of drumming experience he is currently playing with “Progfathers” and now joins the ESP Project.

About Peter Coyle’s vocals –which come from deep within the soul. He lives and breathes this music and itcan be felt as well as heard in his songsPeter Coyle – An Exclusive *About Peter Coyle


The ESP Project began in 2015/16 with ‘Invisible Din featuring well-know prog guests. Followed in 2018 by ’22 Layers of Sunlight’, a collaboration between Tony Lowe & Peter Coyle. The ESP Project moved forward with the release of ‘three’ in January 2019 and ‘THE RISING’ 11th of October 2019. On 14th August 2020 a special Bandcamp release of the newest album, phenomena, and on 28th August – the official release to iTunes, Amazon and all digital outlets.

ESP albums have been given over 46, 4-4.5 star reviews by music press, voted into the top 10 Prog Rock albums of the year and top 10 albums of 2018.


On BandcampOn iTunesOn Amazon

ESP Project – THE RISING – Back with a sharp rise in temperature, the new ESP Project album is upbeat and powerful. This tight four piece band roars through a landscape sculpted by the powerful and moving music of Tony Lowe, coupled with insightful and heartfelt lyrics of Damien Child with his versatile and poignant vocals. With guitar and keys by Tony Lowe, the passionate grooves of Pete Clark’s bass, underpinned by the intense energy of Greg Pringle’s drums, this album takes the listener to another level in

the ESP catalogue. PRESS RELEASE


“…the whole album sparkles with musical, lyrical and vocal delights. Lowe and Child The Rising Front Coverseem to have both drawn each other’s talents and created the most rounded, enjoyable ESP album to date.” – Review – Jason Ritchie – Get Ready to Rock

“Wonderfully evocative, it draws you in with melodies which charm and captivate, along with lyrics that are powerful and penetrating. Fabulous.” Rob Fisher

“An album that promises to deliver on everything that the band has previously worked on and more.” Review – The Median Man

“It’s a prog rock fans dream…a great performance by new vocalist Damien Child…with Lowe’s guitars and keys tastefully dominating…there’s nothing to dislike on The Rising” – Geoff Wootton – Powerplay Oct 2019

ESP Catalogue Album Contributors

ESP – ‘Invisible Din’ (2016), the first album, is a unique collaboration between musicians from King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator, Procol Harum, GTR and more: Tony Lowe (guitar & vocals) Mark Brzezicki (drums & vocals) David Jackson (sax & flutes) David Cross (violin) John Young (keyboards) Steve Gee (bass) Phil Spalding (bass) John Beagley (vocals) Yumi Hara (electric harp) Pat Orchard (guitar) Alison Fleming (vocals).

ESP 2.0 – ’22 Layers of Sunlight’ (2018) features Tony Lowe (guitar/ keys/compostion), Peter Coyle – ex Lotus Eaters (lyrics/vocals), Mark Brzezicki (drums), Pete Clark (bass) & Richard Smith.

ESP Project – the ongoing name for new releases, ‘three’, ‘The Rising’, Oct 11-2019 featuring Tony Lowe (guitar/keys/composition), Damien Child (lyrics/vocals) Pete Clark (bass), Greg Pringle (drums) and ‘phenomena’ featuring Tony Lowe (all composition and instrumentation), Damien Child (lyrics/vocals) and special guest appearance, Alison Fleming (vocals on track 7).

All albums are produced by Tony Lowe.

ESP Project – three

Release – 19/01/19 on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify

ESPCDFINALTony Lowe’s ESP Project is back with four great new tracks. Titled ‘three‘, the new EP contains over 30 min of progressive rock and is out on 19th January. ‘three’ has all the hallmarks of the first two ESP releases, with Tony’s symphonic compositions and arrangements weaving in and out of evocative and passionate vocal sections, delivered with both sensitivity and power in all the right places by Damien Child, an accomplished actor and singer with many years experience in TV, Radio and West End Theatre.

With Greg Pringle on Drums and Pete Clark on Bass this is a formidable combo of accomplished musicians playing with heart and soul. Threaded through by Tony’s unmistakeable guitar and keyboard playing, a must for anyone who liked the previous two albums, which together were given over twenty-six, 4 – 4.5 star reviews by the music press and voted into the top 10 Progressive Rock – albums of the year as well as in top 20 albums of 2018.

Tony and Damien will be working on a new album for an autumn 2019 release; in the meantime, as an introduction, ‘three’ will be available on Bandcamp as a CD and digital download from 19th Jan, and then the usual digital outlets. Press Release


Release – 20/04/2018

‘22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ – written and performed by Tony Lowe and Peter Coyle (ex-Lotus Eaters) with Mark Brzezicki on drums, Pete Clark on bass.

22 Layers of Sunlight

Coming after the successful debut of the first ESP album ‘Invisible Din’, the 2016 release which earned over 14 top reviews by the music industry; this incarnation features Peter Coyle, who was recently described as ‘one of the most under-rated singer/songwriters in the UK’. Joining forces with renowned composer/producer Tony Lowe to write these deeply evocative and stunningly original songs, merging passionate vocals and intricate soundscapes. Sometimes using complex rhythmic structures – supplied by ace session drummer Mark Brzezicki, overlaid with modern progressive rock elements and orchestral movements, the music creates an intense, dramatic but ultimately uplifting experience.

making music is the deepest part of our lives…it takes just over a second for the light from the moon to reach us…it takes a lifetime to share the wonder of that with others…and that is what we feel we have done with ’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT‘” – Peter Coyle

Album Line-Up  – 22 Layers of Sunlight

    • Peter Coyle – formed The Lotus Eaters in 1982. He is best known for the international hit The First Picture of You which still enjoys regular airplay on many radio shows today and remains a firm favourite with both old and new listeners. He left the band in early 2017. Peter has written and recorded with Toyah, The Lightning Seeds’ Ian Broudie, Space’s David Yorkie Palmer, OMD’s Mal Holmes. A talented producer, he has worked with Steve Power (Robbie Williams, Julian Cope) Ronnie Stone (The Pixies) and has composed for the film (Powder 2011). He also recently worked with Heaven 17’s, Martyn Ware, where he performed at the National Portrait Gallery in London – continued.
    • Tony Lowe – Guitars with Simon Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Modern English, Julian Lennon and many more. Producer to ‘David Cross & Robert Fripp’, John Foxx, Toyah, Bram Stoker, Simon Townshend and more. Currently producing Pete Banks tribute album ‘Crossover’ featuring David Cross and members of King Crimson and Yes.
    • Mark Brzezicki – Drummer with Big Country, Phil Collins, Pete Townshend, Sting, Procol Harum, The Cult and Midge Ure.
    • Pete Clark – Bass – has played in many original bands since the early 1980’s. His taste in music is eclectic but a constant favourite has always been progressive rock. This interest has led to his current involvement with tribute bands “What The Floyd” and “Progfathers”. He has been a professional musician since 1989 and has performed with numerous cover/function bands including T-BASS where he met his singer/songwriter wife, Fran. Together they set up their own label and have produced and released two solo albums for Fran, “To Fly” (2007) and “Beautiful People” (2013).
    • Richard Smith – Keyboards – trained as a classical organist and harpsichordist, studying all over Europe and giving solo recitals in many cathedrals. Until recently he made is living principally as a choral and orchestral conductor but has recently discovered the joys of playing rock’n’roll. He is also the keyboardist for the Pink Floyd tribute band What The Floyd and The Rube Goldberg Machine.

About Peter Coyle’s vocals –which come from deep within the soul. He lives and breathes this music and it can be felt as well as heard in his songsPeter Coyle – An Exclusive

*About Peter Coyle
*About Tony Lowe

Lowe & Brzezicki’s ESP – INVISIBLE DIN

‘Invisible Din’ – THE ALBUM is a unique symphonic, progressive rock concept album –  a collESP Invisible Dinaboration with musicians from King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator, Big Country – Procol Harum, GTR, Lifesigns, and Landmarq, among others. Released on 11th November 2016, the music can be compared to Genesis, King Crimson, Yes and Peter Gabriel.

‘Invisible Din’ is written and produced by Tony Lowe who recently co-produced the ‘Starless Starlight‘ album by David Cross & Robert Fripp and ‘Cold Reading‘ by Bram Stoker. Tony Lowe and Mark Brzezicki are at the forefront of the album project and a core band, which will be playing live events with special guests from the world of Prog.

Contributors on the album are; Tony Lowe, Mark Brzezicki (Big Country, Procol Harum), David Cross (King Crimson), David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator), Phil Spalding (Steve Hackett, Mike Oldfield), Steve Gee (Landmarq), John Young (Lifesigns), Pat Orchard, Alison Fleming (Tony Lowe), John Beagley and electric harp from Yumi Hara (Daevid Allen, Hugh Hopper). REVIEWS


ESP 2.0 Photo credits – photos by String (Cheryl Stringall) and Lou Dommett Young as watermarked, those with and without watermarks – Cheryl Stringall. Tony Lowe by Mark Gascoigne : Mark Brzezicki by String : Richard Smith by Jason Sykes : Pete Clark by Tim Bastock